Yellow Circles


I was completely obsessed with yellow circles for a few days and the result was somewhere around two hundred 2″ circles of varying colors of yellow that I strung up to be a some-kind-of mobile or chandelier or hangy-down-from-the-ceiling thingy.


I was wondering what to do with it and then Diablo Cody climbed on a chair and put it on a hook for me. And I love it right there hanging from the living room ceiling.


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  1. HEY. we have the same wp template!!
    🙂 but it looks like you did more with your headers…

    and regarding those yellow circles… in this case, obsession is so very obviously a GOOD thing. they are awesome.

    Poet Robert Hass told me* “New art gets made out of what you love… and what you’re impatient with that’s out there.” and along the same lines, my writing professor says that art is made out of the things we are obsessed with.

    *not just me, there was a small group of us

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had your patience. I might start a project like that but by the end I would have just a bunch of shredded yellow paper and an irrational fear of the sun.

    And I gotta agree with SAJ – the painting is fantastic. Did you paint it? If not you, then who?

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