Me: Wow, that bread smells good.
Alex: Are you going to have some?
Me: Nope.
Tyler: I thought you liked it more than chocolate?
Me: I do. But if I eat it, I’ll get a carb/sugar crash and you’ll see what your mom looks like on drugs.
Tony: Like those people in movies? No, mommy! Don’t do it!
Me: Riiiight.
Devon: My mom. She got hooked on baguettes.
Alex: Walk away from the bagel!
Joe: Remember the old days when it was just muffins and rolls?
Tony: The muffin: The Gateway Bread.

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    Teenagers……they kill me, nothing like a kid on a riff…….
    I am so with you on the bread, girlfriend!! ARGHHHHHH it is a drug, man

  2. This is the kind of conversation that I not only have in my house, but that I absolutely love and adore with all my heart. It makes me wonder, “Now, where the hell is the camera? Because this is some funny shiznit.

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