“And maybe one of the days we can make something.”
“Make something?”
“Make something.”
“Make something??”
“Uh…yeah. Make something.”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know. Something. You think I’m a total geek now, don’t you? And if you could hear Prince playing downstairs, you’d think that Joe is a total geek, too.”

Me telling Joe about the phone call:

“So then I told her that when I get there, maybe one of the days we can make something.”
“Make something?”
“Yes! Make something! And I told her you were a geek, too, because you were listening to Prince.”
“Prince is not geeky. He’s R&B. And her husband is a Steely Dan fan. So, I’m not the only one, which means it’s not geeky, either.”

So, apparently, I’m the only geek.

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  1. I love Prince. In my defense, I’ve loved Prince since I was too young to realize he has issues.
    I’m glad dooce links to you; I’m really enjoying your blog!

  2. Hi, i’m here courtesy of dooce’s link, too, and i just spent $75 at Michael’s on holiday crafty things for my daughter (yeah, that’s the ticket! for my daughter!), so i think making something is a great idea.

  3. Hu-what??? I love me some Steely Dan and Prince! I also make stuff.
    And if I don’t make it, I paint it. I dig your blog…come see mine. I have a little Flickr badge and the bottom with two pics of my stuff.

  4. Dude, I just spent the past few hours with my adopted little sister gluing sea shells to photo mattes so she could give people pretty frames for Christmas. Crafts rock!

  5. Crafting is not Geeky…I have one gathering a year where people come over and bring a craft they’re doing. I have a fire going in the fireplace and I make a huge meal…of course I incorporate alcohol to make it cooler…maybe you should include alcohol and you won’t be geeky either. :-).

  6. I hate Prince, hated Elvis. I think it’s the lips. Or the music. HOWEVER, I have been known to participate in every craft known to woman at least once. Have 4 glue guns. Merry Solstice.

  7. I think Jen shouldn’t refer to her adopted little sister as adopted little sister…just her little sister

  8. Love to make stuff!! Too bad it doesn’t always come out right…you know….smoke alarms going off…small electrical fires….but I’m right there with you!

  9. We both participate in Big Brothers/Big Sisters, which is why I refer to her as “adopted”–it means a lot to her that I chose to be her sister.

  10. Actually I was hoping you would post the instructions for the jelly bean reindeer. Or email them to me.

    And I have to say this…(taking big breath)…I am proud to be a geek! (whew, I said it)

  11. Let me make this very clear: Prince, and those who appreciate him, are not dorks. In fact they’re cooler than everyone else. Trust me, you have a very cool husband.

  12. (Via Dooce’s link)
    Crafting makes you a geek? Well I guess that makes me Queen of the Geeks. Now, if you get the Burger King crowns and come over, I’ll get the sparkles and spray adhesive ready.

  13. I can never get those cookie cutter cookies right. I botch them every time. They’re either squashed or too thin or the shape just comes out wrong. Is that the root of my craft dysfunction? Because everything else goes pretty much the same way.

    My poor kid.

  14. Man, I wish I had a friend who would make jelly bean reindeer with me. Are you taking applications for new friends? I have a very impressive resume. Eminem stepped on my foot once.

  15. I didn’t used to be crafty… until I got pregnant. Now, if anyone comes near me with a gluegun or accrylic paint, they have to share!

    And then there was the time that I got really excited about making the XML for my webpage work. My husband informed me that this was quite geeky. Nothing like being told by your husband that you’re a world-class geek.

    From one ex-Mormon to another…

  16. Hitting your spot via Dooce. I am not a “crafty” person anymore…BUT, when I was young – my single mom had limited funds, so at Christmas time we used to make gifts — like taking empty Michelob beer bottles, (I’m not sure where she got the empty bottles, ‘cuz she wasn’t a drinker), peeled the labels off and dripped different colored candle wax down the side of them. Then you stuck a new candle in it and VIOLA, a candle holder. We also used to take wire hangers (NO. MORE. WIRE. HANGERS. EVER!) and crocheted yarn around them to make them pretty. I know, it sounds dorkish now, but it was pretty cool back in the day. Oh, and I love me some Prince! Happy Holidays!

  17. homemade gifts are the best, i think. the beer bottle candle holders sound beautiful. and i had at least 5 of the covered wire hangers in my closet.

    thanks to all the dooce readers for stopping by.

  18. *Had* yarn-covered wire hangers? Dood, I *still* have them. They even have that gold and brown and white variegated yarn on them. (shudder) But I love them because my shirts stay on them instead of congregating at the bottom of my closet.

    Also, I’m here courtesy of Dooce.

  19. also courtesy of dooce,

    and love reading both sides of the convo! you girls have fun in craft hour! 🙂

    happy holidays!

  20. (via dooce’s link)

    funny post!

    i’m always collecting junk such as egg cartons, corrugated boxes, plastic sheets, foam boards, used cds, and random other “homeless bum trolley materials”, with fancy ideas that i’ll be able to “make something” with them.

    but i never do. basically, i suppose i’m just collecting trash.

  21. So…could you give us the directions for making those jelly bean reindeer? That sounds like a great winter (stay inside weather) kind of project!

  22. Hi – visiting from the UK via Dooce’s website (regular snooper on her blog) while my bosses think I’m working (uh-oh).

    Just like to say that:

    Also like Prince (but don’t actually have any) and I’ve got Steely Dan too; I used to make Christmas cards for my god children to colour in and send to their grandparents/relatives – I even made them an advent calendar one year; and I still make presents for people – this weekend I made a Roman Blind (that’s the fabric vertical concertina style blind) for my partner – and it works! And with the left overs I’ve made some cushion covers and a tea cosy.

    And if that wasn’t bad enough, I knit on the train to and from my office in London (it annoys the other passengers, which works for me!)

  23. I am here via Dooce. I like your blog! I think you should make those santa claus plates with cotton balls. Loads of fun!

  24. I am of the generation that every single thing we listened to as kids we would be embarrassed to admit to now.

    And if you are looking for something edible for xmas, I make xmas mice. A chocolate covered cherry (with stem, that’s the tail) then a Herseys kiss for the head and in between? Almond slices for the ears.


  25. I’m here through dooce.com also

    Of course you can’t eat the jellybean reindeer silly, she said they needed a glue gun to affix the jellybeans. Don’t eat it!

  26. popped over for the other side of the conversation from dooce’s site.

    so, what the heck is a tea cosy anyway? do i need one? i am a craft geek calling myself an artist! visions of grandeur!


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