Bless your soul.

Is there a writer’s group in Simi Valley or Ventura County? If so, I can’t find you. Please contact me or I will be forced to start my own. And if I did start my own, who would come?

I want to get together with people and write stuff and drink beer or coffee or something.

For a good time, call me.

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  1. I wish I lived in Simi Valley for this sole reason.

    Especially the drink beer part. We’d write some kickass things with beer as our muse.

  2. I want to come!

    Would that be Simi Valley, Virginia, by any chance? Orrrrr…… Ventura County, Washington DC, possibly? No? Then I shall have to pass. But I do like blogging while margarita-ing…

  3. I live in the Valley and if you start a writers’ group in Simi, I will cross the county line with pleasure. Being a former Highlander, I can handle Simi Valley. And I will bring beer. And I can read.

    I used to belong to a group of writers but everyone moved away. I have never written so much or so well as I did when I was in that group.

  4. Too bad I don’t live in the Valley. I’d definitely attend. Writing AND booze? Now that is a recipe for greatness. I need to write more – sign me up for long distance membership – Indiana isn’t too far away, is it??

  5. You’re always welcome at the Would-be Writers Guild in Salt Lake! We’ve never had anyone bring beer before, but it might be just what we need to reach the next level of our writing. There are a few members I’d really like to see drunk.

    Seriously, good luck starting a group. I think you’ll love it!

  6. I’ll be moving to Valencia in a few weeks. Is that far away? I still haven’t figured out this whole LA distance from here to there thing. Either way, totally interested. I equally enjoy writing and drinking.

  7. Holy cats, Leah! This is the invitation I have been waiting for! Beer, yes, coffee, yes, wine, yes, writing, yes, yes, yes!

    I am in Ventura but am in TO fairly often. I know some other writers from my days at the newspaper…I am sure we can slap something together.

    Email me!

    ps I am not normally this exclamation pointy.

  8. Ok… I SOOO wish I still lived in Cali–I’D COME!!! But I’d have to bring my diet Coke.. me and beer—not a pretty combination!
    I luv you Leah

  9. Leah, I started a writing group with some folks that were in a writing class with me through San Diego Writers Ink (
    Here’s a recap of our first meeting:

    IT didn’t end up working out, people were not committed and I’m not sure why. Perhaps we were all just on the post-class high and it took a while to come down… I haven’t really done a post mortem.

    ANYWAY, if you want some tips, check out Judy Reeves website, particularly her book Writing Alone Writing Together which is a guidebook for doing such a thing.

    With our group, we had a schedule… and even included “chit chat” time since community and fellowship was part of what we wanted out of the group.

    Now, I am part of a Read and Critique group facilitated by Judy R. and I pay $100 per month…. which may contribute to the motivation factor, as we have only “lost” one member over the last 8 months. We really don’t have time for chit chat, but through everyone’s writing I feel like I’ve gotten to know them quite well and consider them friends– even if I don’t know where they work or how many times they’ve been married… that kind of info I can get when I see them at events or invite them to my parties.

    Basically, I am SO encouraging you to start a group. You’re such a good writer. If you like, I will think a little more about what worked and didn’t work with my group and email you 🙂

  10. I’m with Lily… Stuck in St. Louis, Simi-Valleyless in St. Louis. BUT WE HAVE BEER!!! Maybe Lily and I will start a group… St. Louis Sisterhood of the Simi Valley Social Blogger Babes!!! Wooo-hooo!

  11. Hey Leah, another option is to join WriteGirl ( It is the most fab mentorship program, pro women writers mentoring girl writers in the LA area. I can’t mentor because I live too far away (and I think you do too, unless you have driving masochism) but I still go to the monthly workshops where we all write and where there are about 50 pro women writers from all walks of writing life…screenwriters, songwriters, poets, playwrights. It is a damn good time. We have the summer off but start again in fall.

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