I’ve been busy. Doing……stuff. Like making lists of things I want to do. I’ve been just a little manic for the past weeks and I’m just doing and doing and doing. I took some photos to show you, but the light is really bad today, so pretend you like them that way, k? And so, in list form –



Recovered throw pillows for couch and hung photos over the couch

Sewed an ottoman cover

Made paper birds for a grape vine flower drier

Procured and organized matching baskets holding electronic equipment under TV, hung rug from my father that he hung for 35 years in his medical office


Sewed bed skirt

Sewed TV table cover

Decorated walls with photos and nicknacks

Recovered throw pillows for bed and hung painting


Went through clothes and organized closet

Found a solution to organize my purses and bags

Sewed throw blanket

Still in progress – quilt for bed, paint end tables


Framed and hung photos and paintings

Rescued and cleaned up dresser


Organized pantry

Organized shelves


Created desk area for myself


Painted Welcome sign for front door

Created calender to keep track of my neurosis

Went through and organized linens

Planted rose bush cuttings from my Mom’s rose garden in Utah

Planted flower seeds for a cutting garden

Made baby quilt for friend and actually quilted it

Went through all photos and organized by kid

Recovered cheap and ugly photo albums with awesome paper

Did maintenance on the van

Went through papers and created files (should help with taxes next year)

Organized art room supplies

Worked on a painting


I had 6 doctor appointments and spent $2154 on office visits and medications in six weeks

While decorating, I spent about 120$ on everything including fabrics for the house and saved money by using a table cloth, a sheet a few tapestry panels and 2 window panels I already owned.

Haven’t had any alcohol since April 26th

Related -We own a buttload of cocktail/beer glasses

Switched to decaff

I own 26 pairs of scissors

Started new medication, Lamictal

Started making my bed for the first time since 1997

I’m having fun doing embroidery

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  1. Oh, Leah. I need to turn into some version of that for the next 10 days so that I can get my house organized before this baby comes. Right now, I am the opposite. There are six baskets of clean laundry lined up in my bedroom.

  2. We just moved. I will pay you to come to my house. Or pay you to invent a method of mania transfusion, b/c I desperately need some.

  3. Wow, what is going on with you health-wise? I freaked out when I read this: I had 6 doctor appointments and spent $2154 on office visits and medications in six weeks.

    Girl, that sucks, and I totally understand. I have medical issues myself and can relate I hope you are doing better.

  4. I am speechless and impressed and love my lamictal. I have had some naps and planted some flowers and posted like twice while you have been kicking ass and taking names. I love you lady.

  5. Wow, when I have mania this is never what I do…dang. I need to channel that mania somewhere else.

    This is SO AMAZING.

    I LOVE the neurosis calendar. That alone might be helpful…Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll do this. I’m not sure how, though.

  6. Wow, you have been busy. I thought I got things done in the last month. Your list kicks my lists ass. Glad you posted though. I was getting worried.

  7. can you bring some of that productivity to my house? and your cake plate- mine shattered and yours is cool and I’m making a strawberry banana cake today

  8. Thanks, y’all!

    @The Girl from the Ghetto – I’ve been trying new meds and had to switch to a new psychiatrist and had to have a bunch of tests done, add that to regular therapist appointments and it adds up. I have no insurance.

    @jenB – Love you, too.

    @Ozma – This is new for me. The lamictal is really helping me focus. Plus, I start the day with a short list of To-dos and try to complete one before starting the next one. Sometimes it helps and sometimes not. : ) But writing down everything has really helped keep me moving forward.

    @Fidget – TJ Max!

  9. Is it awful and insensitive to say I wish I had some of that? I have so much to do and can’t seem to get out of my own way to do it half the time…I’m sorry about the doctor visits & all the $$ spent on meds. 🙁

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