-My post on real estate the other day stirred up quite a little flurry of emails. A couple of them were soft and fuzzy like Easter bunny rabbits. And some of them were jagged and nasty with the intent to maim and cut me. Ha ha! I am a robot and cannot be cut. I still think the bottom line is – be smart and do your own research.

-The day when we have to be out of this house is creeping closer and will leap at me in a few weeks. Scary.

-I started reading Breed’em and Weep a few weeks ago. I do actually cry sometimes and I have bred some, so I guess I’m allowed. Her latest post, an open letter to teenage boys, has lots of good stuff in it. This post resulted in me sending her a fan letter, an action that always results in almost immediate remorse because I am a dork.

-If I could afford it and wasn’t moving and didn’t have to figure out how to pay for a new crown for my stupid tooth, I would buy SuperHero Jewelry.

-We had our first craft trade day at Leahpeah’s Craft. All I can say is that next month will be an improvement which is a nice way of saying I think no one traded anything. I’m reminded of a dance in junior high and no one wants to dance first. But next month, I’m uploading something(s) really awesome and everyone in their right mind will be compelled to participate because they will want one THAT MUCH. !!

-I interviewed for a job yesterday and found out that one of the people in on the call knew my uncle and his family from Arizona. Small world. This particular uncle is a judge and it brought to mind a very hyped up reunion we had one year when there were bodyguards following him everywhere. Us kids/teens all thought it was really awesome or rad or something. Good times.

-You’ll all be happy to know that my first marriage has been officially annulled according to the Catholic Church. I received the letter in the mail yesterday and it states it was no one’s fault and that we are all just great etc. I’m not Catholic but I do appreciate that these men are Holy Men and are acting in a way they feel inspired to. I don’t understand how a marriage of almost 14 years which produced 4 children can be annulled. (Um, we obviously consummated.) But in any case, my ex can now marry his wife in a Catholic church and have it be a valid marriage which makes them very happy and me happy by association. I suppose it also means that should we ever wish to, Joe and I could get married by a priest and have it be a valid Catholic marriage also. Religion is still a weird area for me. I think because I was raised in such a structured religious environment I am a little loathe to get involved or join any other organized religion. I mean, if I wanted to do that, why not just go back to the Mormon church? I already know all the good and bad stuff in that religion and have the 13 Articles of Faith memorized. Also, there is no sudden and repetitive kneeling in the middle of the service. Just lots of little kids and dry cereal and crayons.

-Joe upgraded his phone. This new, improved phone comes with voice texting. It’s my new favorite game.

For example, he says into the phone:
Leah comma I’m coming up on Topanga Canyon period I Love you exclamation point Love comma Joe period

And what I get is:
Betty, thank you hiding sheet tactile canyon. Lambda unit! Lilac, Chet.

To which I reply:
Oh, Chet! My tactile canyon is hiding under the sheets waiting for your lambda unit. I love you, too! Betty.

And he has no idea what I’m talking about.

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  1. Oh MAN. I’ve been sick all week and I COMPLETELY forgot about the craft trade. I’m so sorry. I think I have pictures of my scrubs and everything. I’m really sorry Leah.

    Also? I dig the phone language. That kind of sounds like a discussion Patrick and I would have. Without the phone.

  2. i’m usually more of a lurker than a commenter,
    but after the voice texting.. i just had to let you know how much that tickled my funny bone!

    i tried to continue reading through my feeds..
    but three entries later i was still giggling like a loon: i’m glad there’s no one home right now 😉

    thanks for the laugh leah!

  3. Congrats to the ex on the annulment. As for you, my dear, think of it as having your tactile canyon washed clean by the flash flood waters of the Pope.

  4. RE: your fanmail and dorkness

    Interesting, given that anytime I get a note from you I get all giddy and such and feel that you can sense my dorkiness from 3,000 miles away.

  5. ok I just inadvertently… or maybe led by GOD and the POPE … clicked on one of your google ads like seven times… i wanted to copy and paste the text to comment because it deserved comment and I’m too lazy to type it out… “Catholic Life Insurance” not sure if you qualify… but I find it amusing. Is that an insurance policy to protect against straying from The Church ??(I capitalize demonstrating my own upbringing, I suppose if you’re raised Mormon you would capitalize the mormon church, but I digress, which is why I put this statement in parentheses)
    pretty funny.
    and YOU ARE SO NOT A DORK but if I didn’t know you I would feel like a dork sending you a fan letter….. geesh, I’m sounding a bit manic now. sorry Love you!

  6. OK, you need to warn me when something like that voice-text item is coming up. I just drooled peanut butter all over my desk, I laughed so hard.

  7. oh my lord that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in years. I’m going to rename my husband’s anatomy to ‘lambda unit!’ and confuse the living sh*t out of him. The really funny part, though . . . is that it IS a tactile canyon, ISN’T IT?!?!!

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