I’ve started and never finished a ton of posts. They sit here in my drafts, lonely. Some of them look so familiar, I swear I’ve completed them already. I used to see them every time I started a new one, but at some point, not sure when, I stopped seeing them. They don’t exist to my every-day-eye. They are destined to live a sad, lonely and unwritten life. And there are some good ones, too!

I’ll list a few of them, including the contents of the unwritten post, which I suppose are hints as to what I was going to say about the subject. Although, some are just too cryptic for me to figure out.

Mad Lib
remove the words

top 10 my space
oh, sorry. i thought you were just doing myspace
i dont even have a myspace.
well, if you didm youd be in my top 10!

Mother’s Day
Last Mother’s Day (notice that date is 2005. 2 years ago, people.)

Drivers License

Post # 742
bees out around the car.
we had a pool.

And my favorite:


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  1. glad to see I am not the only one that forgets what my post notes are about. I have several notes sitting in my drafts folder just waiting for me to get a clue.

  2. Most of the posts I have in ‘reserve’ I am embarrassed to say have better titles than writing. Yet, I never really look at them. I know what they say, but I don’t look at them.

    I’d rather look at your awesome tiles instead.

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