1. I pierced my nose. Then I got sick. Then last night while I was sleeping, the pillow (in league with my mother and possibly the heart of Joe) snagged the tiny diamond and removed it from the swollen hole. If you’ve ever pierced your nose you know that the fresh hole closed up faster than I could yell ‘No!!” and grope around in the dark for the tiny stud. I don’t even have a photo of it in my nose, so slight was its inhabitance in my body. But here is a photo of where it used to be:


And one of my hair, because soon you’ll hear a story about it and you’ll need it for a reference.


2. Silent Bob / Kevin Smith has a website. He’s still funny. I thought he went away but in fact, he just morphed into someone that talks sometimes. The latest installment of Sucks Less teaches you how to potty train your cat so you never have to clean a litter box again. Very important information!

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  1. LOVE the hair… nose piercings I don’t get. how do you blow your nose? doesn’t it hurt? I guess i’m asking the wrong person since your nose rejected the piercing. hmmm.

  2. I REALLY want my nose pierced. Really. Really. Really. Really. I started thinking that because I’m about to turn thirty that I’m too old. Thanks for setting me straight. Although, I’m a little worried about the pillow-ripping-out-the-diamond problem. Yikes. Please post pictures when you’ve been re-pierced.

  3. You have one of those cute noses that looks good with a piercing. But I guess destiny intervened! Still, if I did have a nose like yours, it would be pierced so you might have to try again because in another way, I think your nose really wants to be pierced. Your nose is undoubtedly ambivalent.

  4. to jenn: these are the same questions everyone asks, and the answers are always:
    no, and, the same way everyone else does.

    i mean really, if you couldn’t blow your nose, or live without constant pain, etc, why would people get it done? i just think it’s funny [seriously, not sarcastically]. what do you think is on the other side of the diamond, a cheese grater shoved into the nostril? because that might be painful or make it hard to blow your nose.

    piercings aren’t for everyone, but a little smile crosses my face when i think about all the crazy things people imagine about them 🙂

    once i lost a part of my industrial in the shower and didn’t notice until i was at work. i literally had nothing and was paranoid it would close. the only thing around was a paper clip. i sank it in a cup of boiling water and then put it in, thankfully no one noticed!

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