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It’s no secret I shred like a demon. And now I find out I can make my own music?? (Via Waxy)

Not Martha made awesome rechargeable sun jars. Her step by step instructions rule. These are definitely a contender for next Christmas.

I waited breathlessly for months for Paul Ford to write again and now he is. My lungs thank him as does my brain because he is one of the funniest and smartest writers I (would like to) know.

Miss Snark is a great resource for writers. She is very to the point and full of great information. I would love her as an agent as I’m sure she wouldn’t put up with any funny business. She links to the 20 worst Agencies.

Joe sent me a link to a Thomas P.M. Barnett blog entry which says in well-written words what I sometimes feel after receiving a whole bag of reader mail.

I can’t believe this happened. It just seems so stupid and preventable.

Sassy keeps yelling that we need this stuff to combat the ants throwing a party in our walls. I must admit that it feels like nothing will work but we will be giving it a try as soon as it stops raining.

Susan sent me a bunch of stuff as did Susannah and Lisa. Photos and an update to the painting page coming soon.

Tyler and I play a game where we text each other numbers and it’s like a code where the other person has to decipher it using the keypad to see what they said.

For example: “99966688 277733 2 366677755443323.” is “You are a dorkhead.” But sometimes when a word uses two letters that show up next to each other on the keypad, it gets confusing and since there is no way of knowing what the other person said you just make it up.

For example: “666667777 333333 77766622255” is supposed to be “Moms def rock” but because M and O are on the same key, it ends up being hard to figure out. (Unless I’m your mom. Then you know I rock and there is no question.) But thank goodness we have free texting because the kids and I use it all the time. This entry from Bethemedia is about T9’s effect on our language. I hate T9 and have it turned off but as a result I probably have to hit more buttons than T9 lovers do. On the other hand, I won’t accidentally say ‘book’ instead of ‘cool’ and it won’t be until my boys start saying it and thinking that book is another way to say cool that I’ll start using it to make fun of them which will really just perpetuate the issue and I’ll be the only 93 year old person still saying ‘That is so book’ and ‘Rad’. I am the only 36 year old person that still says ‘Dude’ on a regular basis so I guess that is par. (Via Kottke)

Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton is my new favorite song. (Via Joe)

Sarah sent me this the other day. She and I are going for sure and bringing our crystal shards with us. Also, have you sent in your entry for the Cringe book yet? (Read Heather’s entry here.)

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  1. good links…I am such a Dark Crystal dork. I reference it in dream workshops to illustrate what happens what happens when people don’t acknowlege their other aspect. It’s very Jungian. I had no idea they were making a sequel. That’s exciting.

    Ms. Snark makes me want to set myself on fire. Too much snark, not enough heart. I much prefer Agent 007, but she seems to be able to blog rarely. A positive trait in a literary agent, imho. Betsy Lerner’s book Forest for the Trees is the best thing I’ve ever read by an industry insider. A real gift.

  2. lp.

    those sun jars are really cool, and an excuse to go to ikea…AGAIN? i’m sold! [living 20 minutes from one has clearly been both a blessing and a curse.]

    my mouth is still hanging open somewhat after reading that story about the girl and the wii. my parents never let me have those things so while i never learned how to play any of the games so many of my friends like, i also never developed a strong affinity for them either, and am ALWAYS baffled by stuff like this. also, on our own radio stations here i have heard most of what those djs say just in another contex, another situation, one that didn’t end tragically, and that is really scary.

    sometimes i accidentally press ‘itapen’ on my phone and weird things start popping up. i am proficient now, due to excessive text messaging [anything to not actually talk on the phone, please] just using the keys and that’s fine…that other stuff totally scews up my flow, dude!

    i say dude. i’m 23, but still.

    i have to read the rest, good luck with the ants 🙂

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