Here he is, the cute boy with his raw wood stool and the burning tool. We played with the idea of carving for a bit but sadly, the cheap tools I picked up were way too dull for the job and so, thinking of all the fingers we could lose trying to make a beautiful scroll around the edges, we decided to just use the burning tool and avoid permanent disfigurement. Call me crazy.

He sketched his original rose design on the top with a border and wrote an original saying around the edge.


Here Tony is doing the leaves. I think they turned out quite nice. Also, I love the smell of burning wood. Well, wood in general. It reminds me of my grandfather. Cedar is my favorite but pine is a close second.


And, now you’ll have to pretend I remembered to take photos of him inking the rose red and staining the stool a deep walnut color. Because here is the finished product:


Next we’re going to make cameras out of Altoid containers or make a book.

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