I’m a middle-aged guy thinking of moving to San Diego. I look kind of middle-class because I work as a nurse, but I’m really still a hippie inside and prefer to be around people who are a little “out there”. Where do you think I should look for a place to live in San Diego?


Bob in Minnesota

Hey Bob,

Gothere.com is a great site for finding out what lies ahead in an unknown city. I punched in Hillcrest, (because from what you�re telling me, I think you�d really like it there) and this is what I got.

From the look of the calendar, they�ve always got a lot of great stuff going on.

By the way, don�t think you�re the only middle-aged hippie disguised as a blue-color worker out there. And, being a nurse is a perfectly wonderful thing to be. I think you�ll find the majority of people in the San Diego area will agree with me.

Good luck on your move!


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