I was officially extended the job offer to work at GTI. Very, Very cool.
The next few weeks are going to be crazy-busy with doing wrap up photo shoots for the July issue of North and juggling web design work with loans.
It’s a crazy life but it’s all mine.

Today I got the new tire put on my car.
I know, I know….it’s been an entire week or so riding around on the donut…what was I THINKing? etc. etc. That’s just the way it worked out.
I’m still alive and the car is fine…no harm done.
I wore clean underwear every day just in case.
Feel better?

While waiting for my tire to get done, I overheard a phone call between Eric, the guy behind the desk and some unidentified young man who is unavailable to defend himself.
It went something like this:

Eric: ‘Hello and thank you for calling Discount Tires! How can I help you today?’
Eric: ‘What? I’m not sure I understand. Could you please repeat that?’
pause, distractedly trying to help me and failing miserably.
Eric: ‘Um…look. Why don’t you come down here. I can’t really help you over the phone.’
pause, sudden irritation and disbelief.
Eric: ‘Son, are you trying to sell me a TIRE?? I WORK at Discount Tires! I’m not going to take some Michelin tires off your hands! Call the Penny Saver!’

Why did this make me laugh?

1. Eric looked about 25. Is that old enough to call someone else ‘son’?
2. I hate when I’m at a counter and the person working there answers the phone and makes me wait. I’m there IN the store. I was FIRST. Let that person calling get their lazy butt down to the store like I had to!!
3. You have to admire someone willing to try and sell a product to a retail store. I’ve wanted to call Payless Shoes plenty of times and ask them to buy some of the pairs I purchased a few years ago during a crazy-shoe-buying phase. I have no idea where I bought them from at this point but I figure someone going to Payless might not care if they don’t look like the rest of the stock available. Who cares when you’re getting a $50 pair of shoes for $15?

quick recap for the kids:
sometimes you do what you have to do, pray really hard and hope for the best, gearing up for our utah trip, moral of the tire story: don’t buy too many shoes.
grande love to you.

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