Time’s Up! The winners are Katie and Christine. Thank you to everyone for playing!

The good people from the Worst-Case Scenario series have sent me some books to give away. These books are pretty fun. They have useful information in them targeted to a certain group a well as lots of humor. The day I got them, my boys pulled out the Life book and read for about an hour over each others shoulders, chuckling and making guy noises. I think that means they enjoyed it. (Check out their website here.)

Today’s giveaway is for the Life book and the Junior Edition book.


Bigfoot Sighting

Remain still. If you are carrying a camera, slowly retrieve it, use manual (not digital) zoom setting and take as many photos at the highest resolution possible. The creature will likely flee quickly once it is aware of your presence. Do not pursue – it may behave unpredictably if chased.

Hands Smell Garlicky

Rub your hands across a stainless-steel utensil under running tap water

Junior Edition

How to Survive a Bad Report Card

If your flattery before handing over the report card is too over-the-top your signer will smell something’s up. Find a medium-sized compliment and give it with a smile. “You look like you’ve lost weight.”

How to Deal with Poo on Your Shoe

Do the Scrap, Scrap, Twist

To win, just leave a comment and tell me which book you’d like and why. Winners will be announced on Monday!

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  1. I could totally use the Life one. Why?? normal answer, they sound like fun to read. Not so normal answer, I have an exceptionally over-active imagination and tend to play out ridiculous scenarios in my head on a daily basis. Crashing my car. The house being taken over by giant spiders. Scary man breaking into my house. Being forced to choose between jumping out a window and some other terrible alternative.
    If I had the book, I would know what to do.

  2. I have a little sister (from the Big Sisters organization) who’s dealt with a lot of worst-case scenarios in her life. She’s turning 18!! in a couple of weeks and I thought it might bring a smile to her face to get one of these books. A little something to keep her going for the next few years. Thank you!

  3. Life: in just one week, I’ve fallen into a trash can and bruised my stomach, had to be reminded by one of my best friends that it was her birthday while on the phone with her, fell down the hill with coffee in hand in front of a bunch of people, got a speeding ticket, cried at work twice, won concert tickets and then couldn’t actually go to the concert, had to clean out trash cans with unidentifiable gooey clumps, is getting screwed over by current landlord, and has no where to live after the move out next weekend.

  4. I know my almost 6yo would get a kick out of the Junior one. He is the king of “…but what if xxxxx did happen?”.

    Thanks, Leah.

  5. I would like to win because these books sound fantastic (and I love your blog). 😉 I would like to be prepared for anything.

  6. Oh good lord could we use the junior edition at our home. Reasons why:

    1. Chapter 1: Soothing a Peeved Parental Unit (needed more by my teenage son than my tween daughter, but hoping they both read it).
    2. Chapter 3: How to Survive Farting in Public – this is not only handy for kids. I have some older relatives… nevermind, I don’t think they’re totally aware, so the embarrassment is a moot issue.
    3. The more I scanned the Table of Contents, the more sure I was that *I* need this book as much as my kids… poo on the shoe, split pants.
    4. I’ve always wanted to get snail mail from the Leah & Joe household!

    Thanks for your consideration, Leahpeah!

  7. I would love the life one because it seems like it would be humorous but also have good tips! Couldn’t tell you how many times i’ve roasted garlic and ended up smelling like that for days!

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