The Weekend, She Rocked

On Saturday, Joe and I went to Ariel’s reading at the Tangier Lounge. I took some photos. We laughed and laughed. This was the final book reading of her Offbeat Bride tour and we were lucky to be included. It was a packed house and we had front row seats. Ariel does a mean sock puppet like nobody’s business.

The second half of the night was spent with L.A. Daddy and some other fabulous bloggers at the L.A. Blogger Party. I hope we do that again sometime real soon.

Sunday night was the first LA Angst. There were a few hiccups regarding the venue, but a new birth always comes with a few. (We’ll be meeting somewhere new next time.) We had just under 20 people attend and there was much laughing and cheering in our intimate and dark nook of the bar. (Thank god Ariel happened to have a small flashlight.) The vibe was really great and I can see that group getting crazy large at some point when the word gets out about how fun it is to read old journals and reveal your angsty teenhood. Thanks to Ariel and Andreas for being good sports and putting up with my company two nights in a row. Two, people. Two nights. They are practically saints.

And thanks to Joe for being a wonderful partner for the weekend. His sense of direction will always amaze me.

UPDATED: This is the best replay of the evening. I love Kevin Charnas. And I think Joe is ok with that.

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  1. No fait having so much fun when Bossy was… oh wait – Bossy had fun this weekend! Who is Bossy if not feeling sorry for herself?

  2. Hi Leah,

    It was great meeting you at Tim’s party. They say to never bring up religion with strangers, but in this case it worked. I guess tequila really IS a social lubricant.

    The book I was telling you about is called Mortified: Real Words. Real People. Real Pathetic. Here’s the Amazon link:

    I’m definitely going to try and make it to the BloggerLive. I’ll let you know.


  3. @sweatpantsmom – i’ve heard of that book! they do a traveling show which i hear is pretty good. la angst is different in that we don’t have people audition to get to read. pretty much anyone with angst is invited. : ) and re: live!, go to the site and sign up if you want so i can keep you informed:

  4. Leah, it was SO NICE meeting you and Joe. I felt so comfortable right away with you two. Both Will and I felt that way.

    So, I guess that I’ll look forward to the next time. And, I’m thinking of maybe doing the LA Bloggers Live? May I invite myself?

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