The Tables Have Turned

Here’s a little known fun fact – I home schooled my two oldest kids while we lived in Germany and it was one of the best times we all had together. The kids still talk about all the fun projects we did and the stuff they learned.

I don’t get interviewed very often, since I’m usually the interviewer. But I couldn’t refuse Matthew, who’s putting together a book of interviews for a school project. He’s a pretty cool kid with a pretty cool mom, who home schools him. Thanks for interviewing me, Matthew.

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  1. Bossy home-schooled her son for a year when they lived on a Virginia farm. And Bossy and her son were very productive – they studied history, spanish, math, science, grammer… and still had time for chores, treats, and “field” trips.

    Until that experience Bossy never realized that actual school consisted of two hours of studies and five hours of distractions.

  2. I saw your interview yesterday. I also was recently interviewed my Matthew and as I’ve told him, he’s doing a fabulous job.

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