~My daughter calls me to go to lunch and all I can think is how great it is that I have time to do that with her. How sad it’s going to be when I am too busy. But how great it’s going to be to be earning money. And how lucky I am that my daughter wants to go to lunch with me in the first place. Because the truth is that I’d rather be hanging out with my kids than doing just about anything else.

~There are the absolute cutest lizards outside in the bush that climb up the brick wall and hide under the hanging ivy. They dart out and then freeze, basking in the sun and doing tiny pushups at each other. I’m not sure if that is some kind of communication or what but it’s adorable.

~Every day that goes by and I still don’t have new employment is a temptation to fall into depression. Which is in itself not really appealing to new employers. I’m trying hard to stay centered and keep reminding myself that the right opportunity is out there and it will find me as long as I’m open to it. I really do believe this but it’s hard to always keep it in mind.

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  1. I second what Angela said. You’re doing all the right stuff… being open to it, but also working your tail off to make sure you’re in the right place when that door opens up.

    I love lizard pushups. The other day I saw a little lizard chase a bigger one off his patch of wall. Then he did a few victory pushups to celebrate. I swear I could hear his little voice squeaking, “You want a piece of this, huh? HUH? Who owns this wall? I own this wall!”

    I speak fluent lizard, as you can tell.

  2. Off the wall subject, but I have to ask: HOW do you get actual ADS on your site? Do you ask them? Do they search you out and ask you? I want pretty ads too!

  3. Leah, You are in a list of blogs that I visit daily. I’m just now realizing that not everyone blogs over the weekends. Waaaaa. But I am having a blogger participation post at my site and I hope you will participate. Eventually I will figure out a type of gift to be sent to bloggers for their participation.

  4. You need to remember to put that lunch with your daughter in your back pocket. It’s something a friend of mine says about every good thing that comes your way. “Put that in your back pocket for later. When you need it.

    That’ll get you through some of these hard times. The others? Lean on friends. That’s what we’re here for.

    p.s. Check your email. I sent something last week hoping it would inspire!

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