Back when I was married to my first husband and my first son, Devon, was about a year old, we bought our first Nintendo. (How many times can you say first in one sentence?) We said it was for Devon but really it was for us. The first game we owned was Super Mario Bros and I played that game until I figured out all the tricks and how to beat it. Then we put it away for a few years until Devon was actually old enough to hold a controller and brought it out again for him. And then I played it and played it until I could beat it again.

Joe bought it using Wiiware the other night and I’ve been playing it but I haven’t been able to beat the game again yet. The highest I’ve got to is 7.3. Those dang ninjas with their flying numchucks kill me at least once every time they are around.

I can’t get into the games they put out now with all the graphics and the moving in 3-d. It just makes me car sick and there is too much blood usually for my delicate palate. But Mario Bros? Dude. Yes.

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  1. I LOVE the original Nintendo. I could actually play it. My son got the super Nintendo and the Playstation….can’t play it. I feel stupid.

  2. If you’re a nerd, I’m a nerd to the tenth power. I could rescue the princess over and over again without dying in all three games in the Mario Bros. series. The third one was my favorite.

    Eventually my mom got so sick of me playing that game that one night when she called me for dinner and I didn’t turn it off (but I’m about to save the princess, mom!!!), she grabbed the box, ripped it out from the TV and threw it off the back deck onto the cement driveway two stories down where it shattered into a million pieces.

    Good times!

  3. The only game I really play is Burnout on our Nintendo Game Cube (but we just got a Wii last weekend) and I only play the Crash game on there. It is a car racing game, but in Crash mode, your goal is to drive down a crowded street, crash into a car and try to create the biggest pile-up you can. You score is calculated by the amount of monetary damage you do.

  4. i too am a HUGE mario fan. i used to use my game boy advance quite a bit when i was traveling for work. then got a ps2, and the husband and i regressed for about six months of staying up too late playing.

    some of the games, make me sick and dizzy. i’ll always love mario. as well, they’ve held their monetary value so i guess our demographic is pretty heavy.

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