People sent me stuff! I went to the PO box this morning and there it was. Thanks to Ashley from Washington State and Leta from Indiana. I’ll get the painting set up and get things started. Anyone else that has stuff, send it! I also got the Traveling Journal in the mail. I’ve been wondering when it would show up. I’m thinking hard about what I want to put in there. But I’ll get it off before too long. Thanks, Paige.

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  1. Do you know that I found the perfect thing to send you? The Palinode and I were at a dollar store, and there were these decorative plate holder hanging thingies mounted on the best cardboard. The cardboard was deep red, and in white on it was an outline of a really creepy rabbit, and around the rabbit it said “Follow the white rabbit”. But then? Then I left my shopping bag on the ground in front of a monument I photographed. I had good intentions.

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