I had the kids last weekend. It was fan-tab-you-lous!!
Things at work have been hectic. 12 hour work days.
Sometimes I’m so tired I could spit.
Sometimes I do.
New house is still full of boxes
I want to paint but feel guilty painting when there are more boxes to go through.
Instead of painting I watch tv and feel guilty or go to sleep early.
My sister recently dropped from a size 18 to an 8. I hear she looks fabulous. Good on her.
My parents are back home and off of the mission they were on in Salt Lake City, Utah.
It’s nice to think of them back in the house I grew up in.
My son, my little guy, has decided to get baptized.
The money I earn seems to be in direct proportion to how much people want from me.
My money situation never seems to get much better.
Somehow, someway, I manage to feel happy and fulfilled the majority of the time.
God loves me.
Everything is a blessing.

quick recap for the kids:
so good to see you, so good to see you, so good to see you, working a lot, sometimes some drool flies out of my mouth,(just kidding…it’s just an expression), still not unpacked from the move all the way, haven’t played with my paints yet, aunt rhoda looks great, grandma and grandpa are home again, congrats to you anthony, we won’t be going on any spending sprees anytime soon. so much love, XOXOXO

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