Sometimes I can’t catch my breath even though I’m breathing fine.
The panting starts in the back of my head then moves to my heart
and I feel it creeping down my arms and legs.

Sometimes I can’t see even though my eyes are working.
They are open and I’m looking outwards but all I see is inside
and I feel it creeping down my neck and back.

Sometimes I can’t make words even though my speech is great.
The words form in my head but don’t reach the outside air
and they lay stuck like dry bread in my throat.

Sometimes I can’t feel anything even while I’m touching.
My fingers stroke and then grab and I know there should be sensations
but they die and get lost before they reach my heart.

Sometimes I can’t hear you when I can still hear other things.
The sounds fly nearby my ears and I wait for them to penetrate
but the noises get whisked away and I miss the love you breathed to me.

Wishing all the best to Dooce.

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