I’m not sure where the weekend, Monday or today went, but suddenly it’s 5pm on Tuesday. I’ve been doing stuff. New projects (would you expect anything less) job interviews, new writing gigs etc. I hate doing the flirt, dash and run update but I’m afraid that’s all I have in me at the moment.

Look, it’s my daughter:


Umm, look! It’s Ants on a Log:

one of joe's favorite snacks

Look! It’s my genetic eyebrow showing up in my son:

the eyebrow he gets from me

Do you feel cheated? Do you still love me? Are you still coming over this weekend with a 6pack of Red Stripe?

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  1. Sure I’ll be by. 🙂 Afraid I don’t even know what Red Stripe is though. Hey, I live in the fricking middle of nowhere Midwest. All we have are cows and corn.

  2. Man, your kids are gorgeous. I can see some broken hearts in their future. I have to admit, I don’t know what red stripe is either, so how about I just bring the bbq?

  3. I’ve said this time and time again, but they’re so freaking good looking, it’s ridiculous.

    Also, yes, I will come over and bring some red stripe. Of course!

  4. duh. you couldn’t keep me away. and that flirting? keep it up and i’ll bring enough red stripe to indoctrinate those poor folk who’ve never indulged! btw: gorgeous kids, every one.

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