Ohmygodyouguys! Our house is a DISASTER area. We’ve gutted every room and strewn the entrails around all the floors. It’s become an obstacle course. We’ve learned new dance steps to get from room to room.

Things I’ve Learned About Stuff

1. When I can’t find something, I go out and buy another one. This results in about 20 tubes of white acrylic paint, triple versions of every watercolor pencil and five staplers.

2. If you have boxes in the garage that you have moved four times and never opened, you probably don’t need that stuff.

3. 34 EXTRA pairs of shoes is too many. If ALL your shoes but one pair hurt your feet after 5 minutes, you might want to just have one pair of shoes.

4. If the kids say they don’t want anything saved from their room, they don’t want anything from their room. Unless they do. Then, save that stuff. Or don’t and feel like a heel.

Internet! Only SIX DAYS until we shove off!

Take care, my friends. When the new Reboot site is ready, I hope you’ll come along with us as we travel.


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