There is this table in the kitchen that we never use for eating and while I was unpacking boxes and organizing everything in the kitchen and art room, I kept placing all my favorite things together, collecting them on that table.

After all the rest of the house was done, I looked around and didn’t really see a great place to put all this important (to me) stuff so I just kind of lined things up in rows. Then the next day, I leaned the larger stuff against the wall. And I just kept moving stuff and arranging little by little until one day, I walked in the kitchen and there was this shrine sitting there, showcasing all my favorite family and friend things.

I keep looking at it and wondering what I’m doing with it there, covering a perfectly good table that someone could be using for, I don’t know, a puzzle? Or a holiday craft of some kind? But they can’t because I’ve carefully placed all my stuff on it, arranged just so. And if someone so much as looks at it sideways, my heart starts to race and my neck turns red and my hands kind of fist and un-fist. Because – Hey! That’s my stuff! All over the table! Including a blanket! And a plate of green glass! So don’t even think of eating there. Or, using it like a table….oh, man, I feel like a dork.

But I can’t seem to take it down, so, if you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to come over and check out the shrine I built in the kitchen eating area. But don’t want to sit there and eat. And don’t look at it sideways.

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