Robin's Eyeballs

Robin came over yesterday with a mutual friend, Jane, who also happens to be one of our clients. While Joe talked shop with Jane, Robin and I recapped the past year for each other. I haven’t seen her in quite some time and I’ve missed her.

Whenever Robin and I get together, we do something crafty. (Yes, Heather, we do. And it’s never involved pom-poms or googly eyes. Next time you and I get together, I’m bringing clay and glass eyes and we are going to make heads!!) I’ve been too busy to think about anything remotely creative so I wasn’t even thinking about it. But she came prepared to do a little crafting and what did she pull out of her bag? Heads.


And eyeballs.


She’s currently crafting Art Dolls, which is something I’ve never even heard of but am now a little compelled by. (Some of the dolls I found online are slightly disturbing.) Look at the detail in the teeth and lips of this one she’s making! Robin makes wonderful things and hauntingly beautiful art. She made the cover for my book. Soon she’ll have an online space that showcases all her artwork and you will pretty much die from how beautiful it is.

Robin is truly one of the most wonderful people that I have the pleasure of knowing.


Here is one of her paintings from a year ago or so.

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  1. So with the size I have my browser window, I saw “Robin’s Eyeballs” and the very top of the picture, the eyes, and part of the face. And my brain went in this weird series of thoughts very quickly, something like, “Wow Robin must be a baby of Leah’s friend, those eyes are pretty but woah its head is narrow and eek, holy crap what’s wrong with it?? Oh my god, oh…. oh. It’s a doll. Thank god.” Hehhe! Thanks for scaring me. Hopefully no nightmares tonight.

    The baby in the egg, though, is actually pretty cute.

  2. I do appreciate the artistic talent it took to make all thsoe dolls and heads etc.

    But I am so excited for you to have a new post, so when I load your page that head won’t pop up onto my computer. It’s scary. In so many ways.

  3. well, i guess you’ll be happy to know that in the morning, the head will be gone. i’m a little sad to see it go. and the eyes are such a pretty shade of blue! : )

  4. It’s been fun to see the photos and response. I have to admit that the head looks very odd but the eyes are hard to come by and I think they are sooooo cool. We will have to post the finished sculpted doll head as it will look much different and hopefully closer to normal! It was most amazing to see you again Leah. Too much time gone by. We definately have more art to create. Today eyeballs… tomorrow… Sending light, creativity, and an eyeball moment your way.

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