If I was into ringtones, which I’m not, because I really think a phone should just, you know, ring, then I would so get this one from Project Runway. I think Joe has a crush on Tim. Heck, I have a crush on Tim.

And while we’re talking about cell phones, I had the same phone for the past 3.5 years, which in phone years is 24. It didn’t do anything except, you know, call people. The numbers were rubbed off in places. The silver coating had been worn down and you could see the hard plastic skeleton underneath because I dropped my phone probably about 924 times. The math equation looks like this: 12*3.5*N = 924 where N is the number of phone drops per month. A few times in the trash on accident and once on purpose when the ringer kept not working and I missed some important calls. And a few times in the gutter and on the ground outside the car. And twice in the toilet. And once in a puddle. At one point it kept shutting off on me at random moments, sometimes while talking to people that I didn’t want to talk to so it wasn’t that big a deal but after the time it shut off when I was talking to someone I DID like, I shoved a little piece of cardboard in next to the battery and that held it in place. Until I dropped it in the toilet that last time and the cardboard expaned and shredded.

Anyhoo, I finally succumbed to my kids’ peer pressure and got a new phone that they can play games on.

My old phone’s review:

Summary: A great quality, but very outdated

Comment: This was a fantastic phone 3 years ago, and while it still has that high level of quality that makes Motorola so great, it is very outdated at this point. Without a color screen, a camera, a calculator or calander, this phone isn’t good for much more beyond calling people. It has a strong signal with great audio quality, but it doesn’t even have any games (oh no!) So while I wouldn’t be too hasty to get rid of this phone if it still serves you well, I also wouldn’t run out and buy this phone new.

See? SEE? It’s good quality. Why would I get a new one when my old one works so well? And, I hate to shop.

Here is my new phone’s review, the Samsung MM A800:

Sprint’s snazzy new slider phone boasts the first 2-megapixel camera in the United States and a host of multimedia goodies, but it’s stuck on yesterday’s data network. The Samsung MM-A800 will impress shutterbugs and A/V lovers with its big, beautiful display, its top-notch camera and video recorder, MP3 playback, streaming audio and video support, 3D gaming, and even a business card reader. Does the dishes and promotes world peace.

Sadly, it’s missing one really important thing: a speakerphone. Had I know this would I have still purchased it? Dude. I know it promotes world peace but being able to put people on speaker is kind of important to me. The free phone Joe got came with a speaker. And the button on the key pad says ‘speaker.’ Easy and functional. Are you telling me that my new phone can leap buildings in a single bound but can not speak?? Come on. Samsung. I feel duped. Especially when I found out that the Sprint world is about to be improved with a 3G network, and I’m going to be stuck in the slow lane.

But, I do like the camera, as far as phone cameras go. I won’t really ever be happy until my phone has a Carl Zeiss zoom lens and macro capabilites, but one of my kids downloaded Tetris for me. So, I’m set. Here is a picture of my old phone, taken by my new phone:


More camera phone photos.

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  1. Yes. He is. Although I was sad to see Nick go. I was like OMG! NICK!

    But, it had to be someone and I’m glad it wasn’t satino.

  2. […] If I could afford to, I’d buy him a digital camcorder. He loves my phone because of its capability to create small movies. Here is one where he finally got me to smile even though we bet he couldn’t. We were at the track meet last Saturday waiting for his turn to go and run the 100 meter dash. It was a looooooong day. The day that never ended. The day where the parent volunteers kept not showing up at their assigned places and we had to listen to ‘Could the parent volunteers who signed up for the long jump please report for afternoon duty?’ every five minutes. Seriously. Long day. I didn’t feel like smiling, but his awesome finger tricks totally killed and I had no choice. […]

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