Delaney is a 1-month-old of a friend of mine and she’s cute as a button. This play quilt is for her: red dots, red poppies, crisp red and white solids – it a lovely combination.

A play quilt isn’t big enough to be a sleeping quilt for a baby much past a few months, but it’s the perfect size to put on the floor for the baby to lay on and play with a few toys. It’s also the perfect size for car rides placed over the baby’s car seat to keep out the sun or as a top layer over the stroller.

It has good padding and a soft side that feels wonderful against your skin.

This is the same red poppies print from the clutch purse the other day, and the end of that fabric, except for some very small remnant pieces. I’m sad to see it go, but it couldn’t have gone to a cuter baby.

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  1. I wish my parents had named me Delaney. And I wish I’d had this play quilt when I was her age. To be only one month old and have something this beautiful…man, she’s off to a good start.

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