We’re getting ready to move. Again. It seems like it was only last year….oh wait. It was only last year. The home we’re going to is much larger than this one and it will be nice to have a little breathing room. Now we just have the unfun part of actually doing the moving. Blech.

I got a recumbent bike. We only had to drive about a mile to pick it up from a local Craigslister. It was awkward and heavy to get in the van and then out of the van and then through the crowded garage and then into the living room where it sits smack dab in the middle of the floor where we already have precious little room. And this is where it will sit until we move. But what we sacrificed in walking room we gained in non functioning recumbent bike. Because the resistance doesn’t work. This we did not know until it was already in the middle of the living room. When I sat down on it at the Craiglisters home, I spun the wheels and tested the seat etc. I did not test the resistance. So it is my own fault that it sits here, looming in our space and not working. I get on it from time to time and spin the wheel while willing it to work. Sadly, it does not. Still. And not even now. Or now.

The woman we bought it from is very nice and has offered to give us our money back if we can’t figure out why it isn’t working. She seems genuinely befuddled and not the kind of person who would do this on purpose. In fact, she’s called their customer service number to find out if there is a simple fix for me. So there’s that. Now we’ll just have to lug it back out of the living room, down the stairs, back into the van, back out of the van and into her home again to get our money back. Good times.

And why would I get a huge recumbent bike just days before we move and have to lug it to another house anyway? This is a good question and not one I can easily answer. Joe describes it as though I have some kind of fever and it’s better to just get out of my shining, warm face all screwed up with expectation than to try and cut me off at the pass. I guess once I get my mind set on something and I feel like I need it, I mean really NEED it, then there isn’t anything anyone can say. And it was cheap. And exactly what I was looking for. And close. Now, if it just worked.

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  1. yay for you, but boo for the bike. I was wanting one, couldn’t figure out where to put it so finally joined a 24 hr gym close by. 🙂 We’re gonna be wearin bikinis before you know it. Or not.

  2. I’ve moved twice in the past six years. I hate the actual “moving” part of moving, too. I still have things in boxes.

  3. oh, god, the fever–you described it so well. yesterday it took me to an at&t store where I feverishly plunked over 4 big ones (plus) for in iPhone. today it’s sitting in its sweet little box and–I dunno why–scaring me.

  4. I’m giggling at this story because I love my bike and ride it OUTSIDE religiously when it’s warm. I become a heathen during the winter months, but oh well.

    Because of that, I used to read this cycling site (Fat Cyclist – he just won an award and I knew him when) and he mentioned one time that when you see cyclists on those “recumbent bikes” you are not to look them in the eye. Look away. They are faux-cyclists.

    HA. I don’t know I’m so amused. Perhaps I need to get out more.

    CONGRATS on the house, though! Happy happy happy for you!

  5. sounds like everyone could use a joe! i, too, get rather stuck on something and just need it. because it will work and will make that part of my life better.

    did you move? i hope you are settling in well!

  6. Aah…yes, the things we do. Especially right before moving.

    It was great to meet you at the Bossy gathering last night.

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