In case you were wondering, downsizing from a huge house to one half as big sucks. Now you know. You’re welcome.

Here is the old entry way:


And here is the new entry:


Tiny new living room:


Here is the old kitchen:


And the new one:


I’m going to miss our old huge bathroom. But being a few blocks away from where my ex lives saves everyone a huge amount of time and gas. We’re also close to their schools. As soon as I find my makeup, the iron, my comfortable shoes, the coffeemaker and my anti-psychotic medication, things are going to be fine.

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  1. i guess that’s one good thing about living in NYC; ain’t a chance in hell I’ll move into a place smaller than the one I currently live in. Unless, of course, I move into another NYC apartment.

    Good luck, Leah!

  2. Change is tough, isn’t it? But look at it this way—I just spent over an hour picking up my house, and I haven’t even scratched the surface. Oh, how I long for a small, cozy pad…

    The grass is always greener, isn’t it?

    I’ll miss you next week, but we’ll do it sometime soon, LeahPeah.

    I’m ready for Craft Trade Day!

  3. oh man, I feeeeeel your pain…. I’ve moved my whole life. There are pieces of my life scattered from Calif to Hawaii to the east coast and back.

    I dream of a STUFF-FREE life so I can be flexible enough to pick up and move wherever. whenever. but that ain’t happenin’ any time soon

    HANG in there. you can always run away to Solana Beach and hang with me 🙂

  4. no home could ever be big enough because of the quantity of love you have in your family… and any home will be the perfect size, for the same reason.

    howwazzat? 🙂

  5. Bossy also lives in a small house but puffs herself up using this simple mathematical equation: Small house=Less cleaning.

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