Very rarely in life do you meet someone that you instantly know will be your friend. It’s only happened to me a couple of times during my adult life, so when I met JenB and got that tingle in my toes, I wanted to giggle and do a little jig. And here’s the thing about JenB: everyone feels that way when they meet her. She is genuine and authentic and sweet and full of love. She’s also strong and opinionated and not afraid to hold her ground or go after injustice on behalf of herself and her friends.

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  1. everything i have ever heard about JenB has been glowing. if only everybody was her brand of “crazy”! there is so much mental health in this interview. I loved what she said about not playing the martyr. thought of a few I wish I could send her link to, with the subject line, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET SOME HELP.

  2. Leah, you are so sweet. I am so touched by your introduction. Now I feel I must live up the praise and go post some crazy or something.

    Much, much love.

    And yes, you are also one of those people when I met, I knew we would be friends.


  3. I love Jen so much. She was my first bloggy friend and when i finally met her at BlogHer last summer it was great. I chat with her occassionaly late at night through instant messaging and a few times on the phone. She is perfect and lovely and has steered me in the right direction more times than i can count. Plus she has great style.

    I am always so happy when i see her name in lights. She should have a talkshow.

  4. Jen is so warm and funny. When I met her at BlogHer, she was one of the few people I instantly felt comfortable with. She has no airs about her – I love that. There is no fakey crap with Jen. We were sitting in the back rows of Eden Kennedy’s panel and writing silly haikus. FIVE-SEVEN-FIVE Jen, FIVE-SEVEN-FIVE.
    After BlogHer, I thought Jen lived in Toronto and I emailed her, suggesting we get together. Alas, she is 3000 miles from me, not the 2 hour drive I had thought. I CRIED FOR THREE GODDAMN DAYS. Okay not really, but I had a serious pout on. Still do.
    Jen – you are the SHIZNIT. Keep on keepin’ it real, babycakes!

  5. JenB was the first person I met IRL at the first BlogHer. She gave me a hug. And farted on Melissa. And there were tears. And laughter. And she is awesome. (and FAB FOTO!)

  6. to be fair, Melissa squeezed me really tight. i am a fart bag though. doesn’t that make me more chocolately and melt in your mouth? man, i am so crude.

    i love you guys.

  7. As always, being one of the few testosteroni commenting in the domain of femblogs, I feel compelled to add that Jen is everything everyone always says (raves) about her, and I only met her for a few hours over the course of two days. The term “genuinely lovely” should be permanently associated with her in the blogoshpere.

    And that is a very nice photo, Camerahead.

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