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  1. I spent some time reading about Melissa’s saga on her site this week. Whew.

    I think it’s funny that in such permissive times such as these, the idea of a glass of wine among friends is so unpalatable for some people. But that’s the thing. I don’t even think it’s unpalatable to them—I think NBC just needed a story.

    If NBC wants to profile damaging behaviors displayed in the presence of children, maybe next time they could do a story on homegrown meth labs and the poor children who grow up in them. I think that would do a lot more good than maligning a segment of mothers who love and care for their children’s every need, but who occasionally sip a legal substance.

  2. Bossy thinks it’s important for children to see their parents interacting in adult ways – which includes hanging out with their peers, laughing, and drinking wine. At least that’s what Bossy the alcoholic tells herself.

  3. Your point about the fact that they did not credit Melissa as a writer or give her URL is such bull. You hit on one of the most galling things about this galling segment–which is the way the doctor was given this kind of authority about something she really doesn’t have authority to pronounce upon and a thoughtful and intelligent person like Melissa who has rational and reflective ideas on the topic was just some sort of foil for their ridiculous set up.

    Love your new masthead by the way!

  4. i saw a snippet of this piece “coming up” but never actually saw it as i just like the today show as background music in the morning. then i read all this and, like anything else, was shocked to see it blow up so big but then again, it involves moms so how could it not.

    i was just wondering though, who saw the recap about it on the today show this morning? again i didn’t see the actual piece but heard bits in the background, BUT what i saw was the set up – matt lauer simply asked meredith what her opinion was and she CHOKED. for like five minutes. it was hilarious and also pathetic at the same time.

    meredith, you are rotten.

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