new outlook in life!

well, not really.
but i’m a cuter version of my hair than i was on tuesday.
and my nails are long. manicured. plastic painted. identical to one another.
do i like having a part of myself completely foreign yet attached?
is this what it feels like to have fake boobs?
is this what it feels like to be darth vader?
(leah, that was a tad drastic, don’t you think?)

my hair? well, you’ll just have to wait and see.
new photo of it tomorrow.

and as for my outlook:
the old one is just fine, thank you very much.

quick recap for the kids:
this weekend is only mere hours away, check the mail tomorrow.
you are the most awesomest kids EVER.
and i mean that.
not even kidding.
just don’t bring the whoopee-cushions back to my house.

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  1. So what about the new hair pic?
    PS – It was warming to see you in the pics w/ your kids. WOW!!! are they almost grown up or what? Kind of a weird feeling. My son is 21 and the girls are 15 and 16 now.

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