Things are good. I’m learning all kinds of important lessons. I love learning new things.

My kids were here for the weekend. We had a great time. It’s always so wonderful to be with them. They are growing up so fast and there is never enough time to go around. But on the positive, they have a stable environment, a good dad and step mom, a home to live in and enough for their needs. They have a large family support system on both sides. And me. So I know that God is blessing them and all of us. I’m content with that even if there are never enough moments to grab hugs…..

Last night I went to see the roller coasterin Belmont Park at Mission Beach. I’ve never been there before. Weird, eh? But true. Joe and I played air hockey, walked around and talked and listened to a really bad band for about 3 minutes. I got a silver keychain with my name on it. I’ve never had a keychain with my name on it before. They don’t usually have my name or it’s spelled wrong….
Then we drove around and Joe told me a little more about his life. I love getting to know him deeper.

My column is up.
I also got the job working for North magazine. I’ll be taking photos for them and a column is soon to follow. Hopefully things will go better monetarily sooner rather than later.

Still looking for a new space to live and looking for someone to move in here. Keep your fingers crossed for me….

quick recap for the kids:
tony, the tape you made was so fun, thank you for that and for adding that last little line about ‘back–sassing’ for me before you left. ty, i had fun painting your friends skate board for you and i hope he liked it, i also want to plan to get more hugs from you next time. ali, please don’t feel bad too long about the three hours spent elsewhere, we’ll get more snuggles and girl talk next time. dev, have i mentioned i’m proud of you? let’s work on going together to the gaming conference. to all of you, remember the compliments/insults discussion and conduct yourselves accordingly. (don’t seek the treaayshuuuure….)
SO much love,

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the job at NORTH San Diego County Magazine! Pictures AND a column is beyond awesome…they are lucky to have you!

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