Not once, not twice or three times, but four times in the past year, my friends, I have deleted the folder with all my daily read links in it. I love Firefox and would preach it if they asked me, but COME ON it would be nice to have a question box that asks ‘Are you really sure, YOU IDIOT, that you want to delete this entire folder you have been working on for months?’

So. Sigh. I am not going to remake the folder. Instead I’m going to do what I said I would never do because it seemed so dang hard. I made a link page on my blog. And since the links are there, there is no reason to have them on the side bar.

Because I am a delete-happy idiot, I’ve lost a good third of the sites I read. If you know that I read your site, please comment in this post so I can add your link to my page.

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  1. Well, I’ve been beaten to the concept, but you should be reading my blog. I’m hilarious (sometimes), and I’ll give you that laughter stomach ache (sometimes). Or maybe you’ll just cry (usually).

  2. it’s funny because i usually get so annoyed when things ask me 45 times if i’m absolutely sure i want to delete something and then the one time i need it to ask me and it doesn’t, i’m swearing like a sailor. i feel your pain.

  3. You are a freaking genius, woman. I use Firefox as well and have done this several times. I think I might copy you on this one, baby. Especially since I moved to Mephisto and now understand how to set up new pages. This is going to do this: Rule.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Leah. As usual.

  4. Um, since you occassionally comment on my blog — THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL LIKE A ROCKIN’ COOL BLOGGER — I guess you regularly read my blog 🙂

  5. Not sure if you read mine or not…you have commented before.

    I have been working on a link page too, but am procrastinating and not getting it done. One day!

  6. **Ouch** . I subscribe to about 250 feeds via Bloglines and would probably curl up in the fetal position if I lost all my favorite links. (See my list here, if interested to find a wide variety of cool bloglinks: )

    So … thanks for the reminder. I just used their “export subscriptions” function (bottom of the Bloglines left screen) to save an OPML copy of my subscriptions — just in case. I’m delete-happy too sometimes!

    I’m a new subscriber of yours and enjoying your blog. ;o)

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