Speaking of favorite things, this is my favorite bowl:


It’s one of the cheapest bowls ever purchased at Tarzhay and we own exactly one. So, don’t use it because it’s mine. My lens had a hard time seeing it alone but did better with getting the color right when there was something else to balance it. Here is my favorite bowl with a lemon:


And here it is with a tangelo:


But this one with the blueberries is the truest turquoise color to what my eye sees:


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  1. I LOVE the one with the blueberries. My daughter walked up behind me while I was reading this. “OMG! Mom, is that YOUR blog? Is that OUR bowl? I call it! It is SO cute. Why didn’t you tell me we got a new bowl?” This took about three seconds.

  2. That’s called Catalina blue. It’s sort of similar to a bowl I had once. It was cream on the ourtside and the same turquoisy blue (as in the blueberry pic) on the inside.

    The color seemed to change with hues depending on it’s contents or mix with other colored dishes or patterns. Kind of like blue eyes seem to change with different colored shirts. =%

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