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  1. I don’t care what movie it is. If Toni Collette’s in it, I’m THERE! I’m obsessed with her (in a non-obsessed kind of way.) She’s a brilliant actress, and Muriel’s Wedding is one of the triumphs of the cinematic realm.

    Have I mentioned I like Toni Collette?

  2. It’s only playing in TWO theatres here in Toronto – but, I’m hoping to drag my hubbie there this weekend… please tell me it’s worth the treck across town!

  3. Only the previews. And when that little girl screams cuz she gets to be in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant [cuz the other girl was caught with diet pills] I piss myself laughing.

  4. I’ve seen the previews as well and it looks so very fab. Let me second the Toni Collette sentiment. Girlfriend is amazing.

  5. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT! I’m a big fan of everybody in it! Even that guy who holds the big microphone above the actors–I love that guy! Seriously, I can’t wait!

  6. i saw a sneak preview of it a few weeks ago. it is by far one of the funniest movies i’ve seen. made my top 10 within the first 10 minutes.

  7. No, but am I weird to find Steve Carell irresistably sexy?

    Am I right that he has a beard in this film? That may push me over the top…

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