“You keep touching my butt. That is like 4 times this morning.”

“Well, I like your butt. It’s so….nice and big and round.”

“Here’s a hint. Don’t tell your wife her butt is big and round.”

“What about the ‘nice’? I said ‘nice’, too!”

“But that is not what I hear. I hear BIG.”

“Hey, I like big butts and I can not lie.”

“I’m physically ill now. I’m gagging.”

“No. You’re laughing.”

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  1. Also unacceptable – for a husband to say, “Oh honey – the baby is getting so big – you look like a whale!” I don’t hear “the baby must be healthy, and getting close, and you must be eatign right and making a great baby”… I hear “you look like a whale.”

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