I found out today that my work is starting a profit sharing program this year. I’m happy about that.

Today I wore my ‘Pee-wee Herman’ shoes. They are black, lace-up, oxford, dress shoes with a four inch heel in the back and a 2 inch platform under the toe. I’m literally just over 6 feet tall when I wear them. Talk about empowering! They are cute and fun to wear for about 2 hours and then I’m over it. Too bad that I work for 9 hours……

This afternoon I went to lunch with my good friend and discussed how we’re both Alpha females and yet get along beautifully. I like all the things about her that are really just reminding me of myself. Does that make me totally self-centered and egotistical?

I started a painting. Finally. It’s been months since I’ve painted. It’s a huge 5 ft. square canvas. I’ve been a little scared to do it, I must confess. I haven’t done any work since I was fully integrated and I’ve been nervous about how being well would affect the outcome of my paintings. You know how all the great artists are insane. Well, I’m not anymore. It feels great to express myself again. Will my work still be good?

Still struggling with cigarettes. I know I can win this war with cancer sticks. God’s on my side.

quick recap for the kids:
the only thing better than having a job and getting paid is getting a little more money at the end of the year for doing the same amount of work, and then there are shoes: fashion statement/death trap/toe contortion…not just things to cover your dogs, i’m painting again…count on a mess in the office when you come see me which incidentally can’t be soon enough.

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  1. hey.. you probly dont remember me but i met you a couple times at football games- heh i only remember that you were really nice. oh ya, i know you son too. just thought i’d say ‘hello’

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