I finally get to blog over at Vox. Somehow, I feel like I’ve won something. (I could have felt this way a few days ago if Joe would have looked at his account a little sooner….*cough)

Completely tasteless-but-made-me-laugh cartoons at the Perry Bible Fellowship like this one and this one and this one. This one is my favorite. The art is really great in some of them.

A rather large bug hit my windshield the other day which resulted in about a two inch, slightly transparent, green gut smear to the right of my eye-line. I reached for the wipers and fluid to swish-swish him away but instead put my hand back down on my leg and had a moment of silence for him. I wonder why I did that.

Yesterday I kept smelling tuna sandwiches with green onions on soft, crustless, white bread. I realized I missed my dad.

Being authentic is one of the hardest things I do. Everyday I remember that it is completely worthwhile.

Feeling lonely and having a great life are not mutually exclusive.

Can we just all agree to leave Britney Spears alone now? Please?

I really miss having a digital camera. More on that later this week.

This game was featured on a few sites a couple of weeks ago. It is addicting. I’ve beaten it twice.

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  1. Interesting fact related to your interesting misc. post.

    I went to college with the kid who draws Perry Bible Fellowship. The cartoon was in the Daily Orange all the time. One of the only good cartoons, too, I might add. Seeing as how the other ones looked like they were drawn with toes while upside down and drunk.

  2. I am dying to click on the link for the addictive game but I must hold out – one more computer addiction and my husband might disarm the modem for good!

    I am sorry about the bug – it’s a hazard of his/her lifestyle I suppose.

  3. oh god, yes, let’s leave britney spears alone, PLEASE.

    i do not wish to see her boobs hanging down in matt lauer’s face, nor do i wish to spend time actually trying to figure out if she is wearing pants or not.

    also, one of my best friends said in the car the other day something about her being a bad mom, and thankfully the rest of the people in the car [me included] promptly told her to shut it or else be tossed out the window.

    a couple of the things in my lifetime that my mother did –
    let me fall down 2 sets of stairs in a walker and smash my face on the landing because she stopped paying superclose attention for a second
    nearly let the house burn down because she left the burner on the stove on and it caught an oven mitt or something on fire and then the whole kitchen, but because she was at floor level with my baby body she didn’t notice the house filling with smoke.

    however, my mom is an awesome mom and i love her and wouldn’t trade her for the world, and it would be tradgedy in so many ways if some social worker came and took me away from my family because of a MISTAKE.

    and, those things are both way worse than tripping & regaining your balance or holding your kid in your lap in a car in a parking lot.

    seriously. an airhead maybe, but not necessarily a bad mom.

    besides, i’m bored with her.


  4. Leah:

    Perry Bible Fellowship cartoons…have been a hilarious waste of time…thanks for sharing.

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