• I offer two types of Mentoring/Coaching sessions. One is energy/health based and the other is problem solving and life-skills centered. Using a diverse set of skills, I help you get in touch with what’s not working for you. Together, we will tune into your inner strengths to create a safe space for healing and/or forward movement. Energy/Health sessions may include energy work, muscle testing, trauma release, the mind/body connection, lifestyle and food changes, and emotional release work. Life-skills sessions may include action plans, strategies, and trouble-shooting so you can grow through whatever is holding you back from where you’d like to be.
  • I am committed to cultural humility and recognize how white supremacy, institutionalized racism, and injustice impact the body/mind and contribute to illness in many forms. I stand behind equity and try daily to do less harm than the day before. If you need help but can’t afford it right now, email me and let’s see what we can work out.

    Specific areas to explore may include:

    body and sex-positivity
    Exploring body and/or sex-positivity is a way to claim or reclaim your body for yourself, free of judgements and old beliefs, leading to acceptance and self-love.
    chronic illness
    I offer empathy, validation (but not pity), and problem solving surrounding chronic illness issues.
    dual diagnosis and combined sets of illnesses support
    Learn how your gut affects your brain and how what seems to be separate issues could actually be linked. I offer support for the challenges of dual diagnosis and combined sets of illnesses.
    exploring nontraditional sex and relationship structures
    Explore where consent, desire, and pleasure meet. Think through your boundaries, consider kink, BDSM, and rough sex, free of shame and guilt, to identify your needs and communicate them safely with your partner. When prominent or important relationships aren’t serving your needs, it might be time to rethink how they are structured and consider alternatives to tradition i.e. polyamory, relationship anarchy.
    enneagram-based discovery
    Of all the personality-typing processes, the Enneagram provides one of the best ways to discover your motivations, core beliefs, and fears, which opens up a way to change specific behaviors and thinking patterns.
    gender, sexuality, and/or intimacy issues
    Let’s create a safe place to begin your healing around gender, sexuality, and/or intimacy. I’ll help you rethink gender norms, power structures, and sexuality in a confidential, safe, and caring environment, giving you an opportunity for self-discovery.
    life strategies
    Let’s formulate and create life strategies that work to empower you, both simple and complex, like navigating daily through depression and self-doubt, to five-year or beyond action plans.
    mind/body/heart connection
    Aligning and connecting your mind, body, and heart (mental, physical, emotional) is a powerful way to promote healing. I’ll help you learn to think of yourself in entirety instead of split into sections.
    relationships to food
    I offer support for exploring your relationship between food and your body, mind, and emotions.
    the highly sensitive person
    Being an HSP isn’t a disorder at all, but instead a brain configuration and a secret superpower once it’s understood. Learn about the impact of being highly sensitive and how external factors become a toxic overload.
    religious oppression
    If you were raised in a highly religious environment that was/is inhospitable and unsupportive of who you are, you have limiting beliefs about yourself and your potential that are holding you back. Explore how believing in a Higher Power doesn’t have to negate your self-worth or value.
    sexual trauma in childhood
    Learn how sexual trauma in childhood breaks you and how you can begin rebuilding your foundation and heal.

    Here’s what some people said about working with me:

    As someone who has battled with mental health herself, there’s nothing that you can say to Leah that will shock or illicit any judgement. This is exactly what is so special about her. Being met exactly where you are with a deep understanding of self care and healing from someone who has been through it and come out the other end has been indispensable for me. I have not met anyone else who has been so supportive, caring, intuitive and understood exactly where I was coming from. Working with Leah has taught me how to take better care of myself. ~R.G.
    Through our private work together, [Leah] has supported me in uncovering layers of old patterns and beliefs that do not serve me anymore. In each session, she creates a safe space to shine light on the dark shadows that have been hidden away for so long and helps welcome in deeper levels of self-love, acceptance, and inner strength that I never knew existed. I appreciate Leah for her compassion, intuitive guidance, and genuine desire to be of service. ~K.A
    It has been such a beautiful experience, uncovering bits of me that I did not know I had; protections and layers that I did not know I had built. Leah has taught me how to be self aware, soothe my anxieties and fears, recognize my emotions and where they may be stuck. Every time I walk out of her office, I’m lighter, more myself,and more resolute in taking the next steps in my story. I want everyone I know to experience Leah, her love, and her touch. She is amazing. ~A.E.
    I have learned so much from working with Leah and she’s also helped me uncover and reinforce things I already knew that I didn’t quite know I knew. She’s an incredibly gifted teacher and listener.She hears what I’m saying even when I have trouble finding the words to say it. I sleep better, work smarter, play more joyfully, and love with more tenderness and appreciation. ~J.M.
    Leah draws on her vast experience and creates a positive, proactive regimen to help her clients reach their own untapped potential. A powerhouse. ~N.R.
    The value I place on these experiences [with Leah] is beyond measure! I see the world through a more enlightened and brighter perspective. I use [her] methods to support my experience of the process and proceed with love. This means improving the quality of care I give my accupuncture patients. As a wife, this means having a better relationship with my husband. The peace of mind I experience daily has grown enormously. ~G.S.
    Leah is unique and special as a health care advocate because she has lived the healing she is promoting. The uncommon wisdom she has come to understand through actual experience imbues her offerings with something extra. I hope you have the opportunity to work with her and make her valuable healing experiences your own. ~S.R.

    I currently live in Los Angeles and meet with you via the magic of the internet or in person. Make an appointment. Find out what a session is like. Please get in touch.