Me, in 10 Second. Oh, and Bye.

Big Reunion! Parent’s 50th! 12 Hour Drive! Getting Up at 6am! Hot, Hot, Dry, Dry Utah! Not Really Packed Yet!

See you next week. In the meantime, if you get bored, here’s some of my favorite entries.

Also, because I love MochaMomma, here I am in 10 seconds, since that is really all the time I have. And, if you think it sounds like something I would have written for a bio or book jacket, it’s because I have. (recycle, reuse!)

Leah Peterson is a freelance writer, photographer, artist and crafter. Leah is lactose intolerant, allergic to soymilk, afraid of non-dairy creamers and hoping to find something to add to her coffee besides rice milk, which she finds too sweet.


Leah Peterson is a freelance and sometimes professional writer, photographer, artist and crafter. She is a compulsive starter-upper and now hosts two reading series, a craft-trading site and a blogger network. Leah also believes in sustainability, conserving resources and is herself made from 100% recycled material.

Read about Me in 10 Seconds! here.

Lastly, keep checking the Alpha Mom site for new interviews! There should be a new one every day. Countdown to Blogher ’07!

11 Replies to “Me, in 10 Second. Oh, and Bye.”

  1. Leah Peterson is a hilarious, caring woman who makes others in awe of her powers (at first I wrote prowess and I kind of like that, too) and has a smile that will light up the room. She will whip out her crochet needles at a moment’s notice and stick her camera in your face but you’ll feel relaxed and easy when she does it.

    It’s so nice that you care about the environment, too, with all that recycling.

    Thanks for playing, Leah!

  2. Mocha, you nailed it.

    Terrific interview of Yvonne (previous post) Leah! Really looking forward to seeing you at BlogHer ’07.

  3. Leah Peterson is an incredibly talented writer, photographer, artist, crafter, wife and mom. She’s also an extremely loyal and caring friend. Plus she’s flat-out funny. And smart, too.


  4. You’re gonna be in my neck o’ the woods…
    If you have time to hang–and wanna–
    I’dlove to see ya…

  5. Oh and…
    Leah Peterson is an incredibly talented Bonpron maker, friend and writer. And…definately a thought provoker… and provoker of laughter and um…other intelligent things. I’m not so articulate…but love your stuff, hun.

  6. i say embrace the non-dairy creamers. what about goat’s milk, does it still have lactose in it? eww that sounds nastay. breast milk? just find a lactater.

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  8. You got away in 10 seconds but meanwhile Bossy lost an hour watching every interview you ever recorded. Crazy Schtuff!

  9. Safe travels and hope that you have a grand time, Sweety-pie!

    And as tempting as they are, please stay away from all those fires…it looks as though the whole state of Utah is burning.

    See? God totally hates polygamy.

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