Subject: Question about your blog
From: “Amy R.”

Your site is amazing! Though I looked around and around and could not find the answer to this question: what kind of digi-cam are you using? I am saving up for a Minolta Dimage- small enough to travel with. Do

Amy Koolaid

Hello Amy,

First of all, thank you and feel free to tell me how much you like my site anytime. Next, your question: I shoot with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC F717. I love the camera’s versatility and size as well as the kickin’ lens. The 5.0 megapixel raw shots are plenty big enough to do magazine work for North and it can pick up color like no other digital camera I’ve ever used. I hear that the 2005 cameras will be able to kick its butt but I’m not sure if I’ll upgrade. I love my 717. Here is another review.
There are many DiMAGE cameras and I’m not sure which one you are planning on getting but I hear that the G500 and the G600 are good and not too pricey. I’d stay away from getting one that promises amazing results from the enhancement features with optical zoom unless you plan to shoot with a tripod and lots of light, neither of which seem to want to be married to a slim cam that fits in your pocket for travel….which I noticed you have done quite a bit of from your photos.


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