They’re fucking with my head, switching around my medications. Huge-ass increase of lithium today. This afternoon I was able to stop crying and all signs point to improvement.

I hope this weekend finds me at home with Joe having coffee on the deck. Thanks so much for your love and support. It has meant the world to me and helped me through some very dark places.


dictated to Joe 8:15pm Eastern, 31st of August, 2010

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  1. My tweets are protected, so I realize you couldn’t see me wishing you well. Thinking of you and Joe.

  2. Been thinking a lot about you my little bucket of school pencils. I love you and I am praying you get that coffee on the deck with Joe really soon. XOXO -tam

  3. Once again thank you all. I saw Leah last night and it looks like today (Thursday) may be her last day as an inpatient, which means I think she’s coming home VERY SOON!

    Here’s to Leah home and safe and soon. 🙂

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