Yesterday, as I was running across the street (JAYWALKING) after the LA G33K D1NNR, Devon (HE MADE ME DO IT) yanked on my arm really, really hard and almost shoved me into traffic (TRIED TO STOP ME FROM NOSEDIVING). So, of course, I pulled off to the side a bit to avoid death (MADE OUT WITH THE CONCRETE FOR HOURS).

If I was a commercial, I would say, ‘This is my knee. A normal knee.’ and I would show you this picture of a lovely woman’s knee, which mine doesn’t really look anything like, but GEEZ we’re just talking about anatomy here and you don’t really need to see MY actual knee. And then I would say, ‘And this is my knee on asphalt!’ and I would make you look at this horrible picture, which is actually kinda close to what my left knee looks like today. Tomorrow, I’m expecting more bruising and stiffness.

I’m sure there is a moral to the story somewhere. I just don’t know what it is (DON’T JAYWALK). But I can tell you that searching for bruises using the google image search might bring you many more disgusting results than you were prepared for, so maybe don’t do that.

Changing the subject – LA Bloggers Live! is next week and I have 2 readers spots left. You’d be joining the likes of Kevin and Colleen, so I wouldn’t wait if I were you.

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