Right off the bat, I have to tell you this to get it out of the way: Sarah Brown flaunts one of the best written entries about the subject that makes me want to fling my body in front of a fast-moving bus or burn my ears off when my kids tease me about it. I can hardly even type the subject let alone say the words out loud but – she despises roaches as much as me. Her writing is featured here and there and here is a full list. If you live in Brooklyn, she’s the host of your favorite reading series, Cringe. Sarah loves the Dark Crystal (who doesn’t?), has fantastic hair and loves table salt. And, she thinks you’re fantastic.

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  1. i love her more with everyday. sarah’s is one of the first blogs i ever read and she was a big reason i started a blog at all. seriously.

    i love your interviews. i have found out all sorts of lovely nuggets about people i read reguarly. thanks Leah!

  2. thanks, jen. i love sarah, too.

    also, when it’s my shift to watch charlotte after you die from snot related issues, we are going to have so much fun!

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