You know that person that writes things that you read and it just gets you because it’s so true for you or someone close to you and so you want to get mad at them because they made you feel something – probably something you didn’t want to feel or think about – but you can’t really because whatever it is that they wrote was true? And then when you think about it for a while you realize that the stuff that person wrote wasn’t aimed at you anyway, but was just an expression of whatever is going on for them? And once you realize that, you think, ‘Wow, Morphing Into Mama is really quite awesome!’ and ‘I’d like to buy her a balloon and send her a greeting call from Elmo!’ and ‘Why can’t my butt look that cute in my capri-length chinos?’

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  1. Liar LIIIAAARR! It is a lot politics with MIM. Thus, the genuine commentary this blogger elicts among other perma-friendly bloggers. And, so diplomatic, too “I can’t think of [aka single out] any particularly funny posts by” x,y, or z.. see my blog roll. Best of the best..

  2. i’m not sure who you are calling a liar, mo-wo. i’m very happy for you that you have a blog roll that you are proud of, but if you are calling me a liar for my opinion, that is kinda silly. you can’t be a liar for an opinion. that would be like me calling you a liar for thinking you had a great blog roll…..

  3. Nope I am calling MIM a liar for claiming she ‘never blogs politics’… she one of the most politically astute blogger I read. Politics… it’s not all taxes and highways. And my blog roll comment was in reference to MIMs response to your question “…Your own favorite post? And/or your favorite post of someone else?”

  4. Another great interview. One of my blogging dreams is to become a good enough writer with interesting entries so that I may one day be interviewed by the wonderful Leahpeah. Ha-ha. I think I have a ways to go.

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