Have you met Amanda B.? At Very Zen, Amanda talks about pretty much everything, including sensitive subjects such as her history with depression and anxiety and how she deals with them. She’s funny and witty and clever.

Amanda and her husband have spent the past year wading through bureaucracy up to their armpits trying to recover from Katrina. Their home is getting closer and closer to being done, just in time for this year’s wonderful storm season. There have been other hardships as well over the past year, and you might expect someone in her position to be mostly, rightfully and out of necessity, focused on herself. But in Amanda’s case, you’d be wrong. She spends her days helping people with their medical claims and often goes above and beyond the call of duty. Case in point would be Chester as well as various animals found in the wild that need a good home and nursing back to health.

When you read Very Zen, you understand very clearly how much she cares – just genuinely cares. And you feel it loud and clear. When you read between the lines, you see how big her heart really is.

In the ‘Also’ category, Amanda writes and sings songs in the bathroom and has met Chewbacca.

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