So I’m moving in the house this weekend. I love this house. Did I mention that already? I feel like I’m sleeping in a tree house. The view is incredible. It’s so nice to have my own space again. The bulk of my stuff will be showing up next Sunday. My roommate, Craig, has at least 2 entire households of furniture and kitchen paraphernalia to his name, most of which is already in the house, so I think I’ll be fine. It was fun getting to know him a little through watching how he reacted to the stresses of moving with his friend ‘helpers’ that don’t really help all that much. I laughed a lot, only fell down once or twice and broke open only one box, so it’s all good.

The kids came down to the Carlsbad today and I didn’t get to see them which really bites. Their dad had to get back to Simi Valley for something. I sure miss my kids. Can’t wait to see them on the weekend of the 15th.

quick recap for the kids:
i wish i could live in a tree house but this house will do for now, moving into a new house and can’t wait for you all to see it and be there with me, i’m a klutz as usual but nothing too important got broken except some practically irreplaceable glass, miss you guys and can’t wait till you come over.

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