A long, long time ago, in a different lifetime, I had four tiny kids all age 7 and under. I lived in Germany and was married to my first husband who was in the Air Force. I had violent mood swings but mostly I was trying to be a good Mormon wife and mother and make Jesus happy with me and make everyone else in the world think I was sane. I pretended. A lot.

I met and became friends with a wonderful person who became one of the reasons I didn’t end up ripping all my hairs out one by one and running along the rooftops naked. Well, I probably wouldn’t have raised many eyebrows with that anyway since they do it all the time, but in any case, I often teetered on the edge of reality and it was very nice to have this friend in my life who mistakenly thought I was good friend material. Hey. I wasn’t going to correct her.

We hung out together when our husbands would be gone TDY or when her husband, who was an MP, was working odd shifts. I believe she had tinfoil on the windows of the bedroom so he could sleep during the day. This is something I still think about. Tin foil. She also taught me how to make cheese sauce with no cheese. And this, my friends, is one of the main reasons I loved her and continued to wish we had kept in contact over the years. I woman that makes cheese sauce with no cheese because money is tight but you can’t taste the difference?? Do you hear me?? These kinds of friends are invaluable.

I tried to look her up every so often. I thought I remembered she went to Texas or something and on a late night after David Letterman, with sleep avoiding me, and running low on cheese, I would attempt to find her through top secret channels on the internet that promise to find your long-lost-loved ones just to find out they really wanted $29.99 to complete the deal. If I had the $29.99, I would just buy the cheese. Hello?!

And then a few weeks ago, she emailed me. She found my site because someone that linked to her blog had a link to my blog right underneath. You can read about this life-altering discovery in this post.

I missed you, Les.

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  1. Wow! That is amazing. Today is my birthday, and you made my day! I am so happy you found your friend.

    Sometimes, things are just meant to be.

  2. OH mY gosh…Yer talkin’ about me!
    I feel so loved…and boy we have a lot to talk about!
    What I never knew, wow.
    my friend. I’ve missed you.

  3. Oh, and if you ever tell my husband about the cheese sauce…..I’ll kill you!
    (I’d forgotten about the tinfoil….man how you pick my memory!!!)

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