then you know I love Laurie Notaro. Her books make my cheeks hurt and my belly ache from laughing so hard which usually doesn’t happen anymore since I gave up pot.

I’m putting a profile together of her and her work for (Be looking for the interview in the April issue.) In doing so, she was gracious enough to allow me to call her this afternoon and dig into the personal.

She has a website. In the website, she has an ‘Are You an Idiot Girl?’ test.

This is #2:

2. A frantic knock at your door at 2:30 am reveals a neighbor screaming that your backyard is on fire. You immediately:
a) Call 911.
b) Call her a drunk and slam the door.
c) Run to the backyard to try and fight the fire with the garden hose, completely unaware that you are not wearing pants.
d) Make a few phone calls to let your single girlfriends know that some firemen are coming over.

Like I said, she makes me laugh.

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