I saw half a movie last night. I’ll get to see the other half in a few months when Matrix: Revolutions comes out. I have to say I’m disappointed. It would have been nice if the Wachowski Brothers had just made a 3.5 hour 2nd part instead of trying to make more money off everyone by splitting it into thirds. I feel like I had to share my dessert with too many people and only got a lick off the spoon. What about the yummy creamy filling??

I hate the end of the TV seasons where every other second you’re bombarded by commercials for ‘spellbinding, spectacular, cliffhanging, heart racing shows that are changing the way we watch television!’ You can’t even listen to the radio without hearing about the amazing events of the coming evening on the tele. This is one of the reasons I don’t watch much TV. My heart can’t take all the excitement. And I don’t like to wait for months until the next seasons starts. I’d rather not watch it at all. Thus you can understand my irritation at the Brothers Wachowski.

Other news: I’m not moving to Utah. I am moving somewhere in 30 days not that far away from where I am now. As soon as I have a forwarding address I’ll let you know.
Here is the link to what is left over from the auction.

I see the kids this weekend. And not a moment too soon.

quick recap for the kids:
i hope you don’t go see reloaded: it has far too much adult content for you (that includes you, dev!) can’t wait to see you this weekend.
hugs and kisses,

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